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table.listView {font-size:0.85em; margin:0.8em 1.0em;}
table.listView th, table.listView td, table.listView tr {padding:0px 3px 0px 3px;}

.viewer pre {padding:0.5em; margin-left:0.5em; font-size:1.2em; line-height:1.4em; overflow:auto;}
.viewer code {font-size:1.2em; line-height:1.4em;}

.editor {font-size:1.1em;}
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.editorFooter .button {padding-top:0px; padding-bottom:0px;}

.fieldsetFix {border:0; padding:0; margin:1px 0px;}

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.sparktick {outline:0;}

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* html #backstage {width:99%;}
* html #backstageArea {width:99%;}
#backstageArea {display:none; position:relative; overflow: hidden; z-index:150; padding:0.3em 0.5em;}
#backstageToolbar {position:relative;}
#backstageArea a {font-weight:bold; margin-left:0.5em; padding:0.3em 0.5em;}
#backstageButton {display:none; position:absolute; z-index:175; top:0; right:0;}
#backstageButton a {padding:0.1em 0.4em; margin:0.1em;}
#backstage {position:relative; width:100%; z-index:50;}
#backstagePanel {display:none; z-index:100; position:absolute; width:90%; margin-left:3em; padding:1em;}
.backstagePanelFooter {padding-top:0.2em; float:right;}
.backstagePanelFooter a {padding:0.2em 0.4em;}
#backstageCloak {display:none; z-index:20; position:absolute; width:100%; height:100px;}

.whenBackstage {display:none;}
.backstageVisible .whenBackstage {display:block;}
StyleSheet for use when a translation requires any css style changes.
This StyleSheet can be used directly by languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean which need larger font sizes.
body {font-size:0.8em;}
#sidebarOptions {font-size:1.05em;}
#sidebarOptions a {font-style:normal;}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel {font-size:0.95em;}
.subtitle {font-size:0.8em;}
.viewer table.listView {font-size:0.95em;}
@media print {
#mainMenu, #sidebar, #messageArea, .toolbar, #backstageButton, #backstageArea {display: none !important;}
#displayArea {margin: 1em 1em 0em;}
noscript {display:none;} /* Fixes a feature in Firefox where print preview displays the noscript content */
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So, first session of [[A Series of Hazardous Inquiries]]. Went well, I think, we all had fun. There was good natured griping about the ~Tech-Priest's absence, the party gelled interestingly, and we got through a fair bit of plot. The in-group PC dynamic is interesting.

Entertaining moments include [[Hack Mercurio]], the scholar, heroically dragging [[Sir Meagor|Sir Meagar Taladov]]'s driver out of a burning pit, despite being the least heroic PC of the group; the banter between [[Aurelia|Aurelia Trantia Flavian]] and [[Kaddar|Kaddar Ferus]], especially as Kaddar resolutely refused to get side-tracked into other investigations; and, of course, [[Tycho|Tycho 'Trauma' Erasmus Castor]]'s first use of a psychic power going weird.

I also enjoyed making up the world, adding bits as I went. Yay SF worldbuilding, especially in a setting where I can go ridiculously over the top like 40k.

Thoughts on the system: __Fate Points: Bug or Feature__ - are ~PCs intended to heal most of their wounds between sessions of the game? At the start of each session, Fate Points refresh, and a Fate Point can be spent to regain d5 Wounds. I see no reason not spend whatever you have left at the end of the session to heal.
Must consider whether that is a good thing.

xp gained this session - 200 each.
''__We Begin!__''

The glorious colony of the Dutiful Tempted Gloves will be founded in the place known, perhaps unhappily, as Postorgans. We have gathered our belongings and planned for most eventualities, and with Doren's blessing will prevail.

Setting out for the Revolting Hills – which we are assured, despite being terrifying, have everything a Dwarf could want. The land looks good, though there are few animals around – all we can see are a suspicious number of apparently dead horses who have been following us a little way.

Maybe there is a reason that a site so close to the mountainhomes of the Tomb of Realms, our beloved home, was undeveloped? Never mind, I'm sure it's fine...

There are seven of us as we arrive – an auspicious number! With such dwarves at my side, what can go wrong?

Strike the earth!

''First Things First - SPRING''

We start by getting underground – while the miners are digging, I have some trees felled so that we will be able to make beds and other such useful things. And a farm, so that we don't starve... apparently, the animals have with us can be turned into food through some arcane process called 'butchery' but I am unconvinced.

Those things achieved... we explore! For we are here for the wealth of this place! An exploratory shaft, and we find one level down red sand – glass goods for us! Another level down, and we have chalk; good stone, useful stone, yes. Time to make a few more workshops... masons ho! Also, oooh Bauxite... that'll come in handy when we find magma.

Time to build some doors!

And then on to building some kitchens and breweries – how will we ever get immigrants if we cannot boast of our beverages and fine dining? We may not have the manpower to fire them up yet, but building them does no harm...
''Getting Settled - SUMMER''

Exploration has struck Magnetite! Also jet, but whatever.

Now we're cooking with iron saucepans... time to set up a smelter and a forge in my our growing industrial district. Shame that wood is rare here – will need to intensify search for magma, so that cheap forges can be set up... probably by a successor of mine, at this rate.

Before I can, we find fire agate. Pretty! Will make for good trades, I think.

Turning my mind to the future, I have ordered construction of seven coffins of stone. That way, we can be cheered by knowing that we have proper resting places waiting for us; and our survivors will be cheered by the lack of miasma! It then occurs to me that the seventh of us would have to have the foresight to die in his or her coffin for this idea to work out perfectly... oh well, never mind.
''Laziness, Skeleton Monkeys and Magma - AUTUMN''

ARGH! Lazy Dwarf bastards! I told you to build that trade depot back in Spring, and now it's autumn and what do I find? A bloody pile of rocks where the depot should be and a caravan riding past us, no doubt wondering why they braved the undead horses!


Oh yes, that's right, now run and finish it while the mountain homes laugh at us.

Oh! Oh good, it was in time. Fine, no morale-improving beatings needed then. Merchants are unloading as I make these notes. Let's see what the mountains have sent.

(ah, copper struck – nice work April)

Oh. Oh Dear. It seems Bradley's attempts to trade at the depot have been met with a skeletal rhesus macaque. Good thing the traders had nothing to trade, then, except an anvil we could not possibly afford to trade for... bye bye merchants. Don't let the skeletal monkeys eat you on your way out!

Late autumn – and some migrants to add to our number! Ah, now we have enough people to bury us in the graves I arranged; my plan is vindicated! Now we can also lord it over the newcomers as I have enough bedrooms made for the original settlers...

And while the newcomers are coming in and getting set up – April strikes magma! In a good way! No deaths yet! North East corner, there is warm obsidian... magma forges a possibility! Now I must explore the area and – ooh platinum! :)
''Molten Rock to Keep Us Warm - WINTER''

The trader's envoy FINALLY catches up with Craig to make a trade agreement. They want... weapons, anvils and cheese. Odd fellow.

Lindsay has been doing a lot of our mining – to the point of getting our first Grand Mastery in a skill! The only real expert in the fortress so far.

I now have a magma smelter set up and running. The next leader will be able to make something of that, I hope – especially since the old hometown wants spears and axes. Getting the magma safely bottled up and channelled took most of the winter, and I've been making up the organisation of the place as I go along, but it seems to work... there are six empty chambers waiting for more forges etc to be built. Need to channel the magma under them, but the right-most has access already, it's just a matter of expanding the channel.

Incidentally, while I was busy trapping the magma I had the rest of the dwarves keep busy decorating the living area. It's quite nice, now, I think – and several dwarves are getting pretty good at engraving. Still, the next leader may want to have a care as a lot of the dwarves are on orders to engrave.

Ah, that's the second forge on line! With an anvil we built ourselves, no less – it makes my dwarf soul proud! Incidentally, I have told the forges to build some more picks so we can expand our mining operations, and some weapons in case we need to defend ourselves – or for trade.

And now Spring has arrived – off to a well deserved retirement for me, and on to [[Matthew's turn|202 - Undead Monkeys at the Watering Hole]].
A picture of the surface, showing the enterance to our Fortress. Note the river just barely making it onto the map at the bottom right...


Our main living area - the red is precious bauxite, for making magma-proof things from.


And one level down, the magma workshops!

@@Previously on Postorgans - [[the Founding of Postorgans|201 - the Founding of Postorgans]]@@


The rites for the transfer of power are arcane and involved, but we have finally completed them and I survey our home.

At last! I have found the entrance. Yes, that's definitely where we keep the Outside. Could come in handy.

And magma!  Carefully handled so far.  Alas it looks to be too deep to be channel on to the outside world, as in the tales of old.  Perhaps some sort of tower?  Yes, a grand tower that can pump it to the surface!

I won’t connect it up until I’m very sure, though.

Platinum!  Probably good... for things.

Traders!  Let’s see how this “exchange of goods and services” things works.  Ah, they are apparently enchanted with our ethical works.  I smile and take credit.  But they nothing I can see the slightest bit of use for, so I’m going to try to sell them chalk.  Yes!  They have accepted... a pick.  The chalk is apparently too heavy for their animals.  Shouldn’t coddle them, it’s only sedimentary rock, but whatever.  Metal is also too heavy.  Why do they even bother coming?  They also seem uninterested in Rhesus Macaque bones.  I buy some seeds.  I think.  Not sure what I got, or what it cost me, but they seemed to like the pick.  

The tower’s coming along though.  Yes, like it.  

Migrants have arrived.  The might citadel of Postorgans is now home to 36 dwarfs!

And the traders are away.  I hope that was worth it.

I’m going to have a crack at steel, though it looks as though I might need more smelters.  Run the channel along this obviously designated space... no disaster yet.  And as soon as the smelter’s built, I think April will be able to leave that room.


That smelter does not appear to be being constructed.  Bugger.  I’ll let April out.  I must have done something wrong, but since lava-y doom has not befallen me, I’m not going to worry about it.

A kobold!  Thief!

Well, now that I’ve shouted I don’t know what to do about that.  Hope they catch him.

One of my dwarfs have gone insane.  Apparently he went into a strange mood, but never said anything about it.  I’m now building random workshops just in case.

Skeletal musk oxes! Also Rhesus Macaques are stealing things.  And it seems very hard for people to drink, what with all the undead.  I set a dwarf to brew!

I throw a few peasants into service, and hope that helps.  Oh, apparently we need barrels.

A birth!  One more useless beard to feed!

Speaking of which, migrants!  Postorgans population, 46!

Bituminous coal!  Presumably good!

Zefron Bomregeth has withdrawn from society!  Let’s see what he wants... well, he doesn’t seem to have found a workshop to his liking yet.  I’ll keep an eye on him.

Still nothing.  I add more workshops; if I build some glass vials, I can make an alchemy workshop, and he is a potash maker... worth a try.


A dwarf has starved to death.  Drat.  I set some dwarves to finding food in a variety of ways.

The hamlet liason from Rakust Ushul has arrived!  Things are okay, I gues...

Thieves attack while we are trading... that’s a lot of sharp things being thrown around.  

Trading is hard.  Whoops!  Had to relocate the trade depot, and look at all the stuff that falls out...
I give a fairly random selection of things we might need in future, as I have no real idea.  Mostly those things I haven’t managed to make yet.

Dammit, dwarf went insane.  I shall continue to try to build an alchemists workshop, just in case.
Oh, he’s also berserk.  Erm...  Ah, he’s dead.  So ends that tragic tale.

And the merchants leave.  And the undead attack!  They must have been held at bay by the threat of so many dwarves.  They seem to have killed a child.

And suddenly everyone head inside – possibly a good idea, but I never told them to.  That lovely dining room is getting a bit miasma-y – best set up a temporary outdoor graveyard.

While I wasn’t looking, some migrants have arrived – our population is now 52!  Hope they like miasma!  And Craig is now mayor.

I’ve ended up making a large number of stockpiles just to get things stowed away.  They may want to be removed later.  

And the miasma seems to have cleared up!


Sarvesh Litastsibrek has withdrawn from society.  Maybe I can prevent her from dying horribly.  She’s locked himself in the carpenter’s workshop, which is more than either of the last 2 did.  Oh, she seems to have... snapped out of it.  Did she build something?  Yes!  Betansub (Calmtrip) a weapon rack.  It has pictures of clouds on it, and it menaces with spikes of tower-cap.  That actually seems fairly pleasant.

April has apparently died.

Sarvesh Litastsibrek, you are now April.  All is well.

Power has gone to Craig’s head, and he is demanding many fancy things.  If I can work out how to put them into an office for him, that should be fine.  First, build an office.

Um.  Quite a lot of people are dying of thirst.  I should get someone brewing.  The last brewer must have died.

Why the hell do we have so many horses just running around?  I mean, someone had to help them get down the stairs, why did they do that?
Jakob has died.  Iton Athelimik, you are now Jakob.  All is well.

Where did that miasma come from?  And in the kitchen as well?

Oh, apparently there’s a village liason here.  I didn’t notice him.

And that’s the year, and my tenure over.  A solid 25 dwarves in residence, which I’m confident is more than when I started.  Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to start hunting vermin before the rush.

@@Want to know what happened next? [[Read on!|203 - "What kind of beardless, soft-headed skygazer would *sell all of our picks*?"]]
Here we are, at the end of our second year. 

Firstly, the entrance: note the Red Tower emerging at the top right... for the future.


The next level down was undeveloped in 201, except for stairs through it's sandy soil. Now, it has become usefully employed.


Then there is the main living area, now with many workshops (the foundations of the Red Tower are visible, too):

[img[Living Quarters and Worshops|http://www.chaomancer.net/DwarfFortress/Images202/Main%20Level.gif]]

And below that, the magma area:

__1st Granite__

I have come to this place. I have named myself Lindsay, so that all may know of my ascendancy.

I...do not understand. Where are all the dwarves? A good two score at least came here ahead on me. 

And yet, I find a hole full of insane wretches, and a graveyard full of corpses. At least it doesn't look like they've descended into cannibalism. Yet. 

Here are dwarves dying by the score from thirst and monkeys! Monkeys! Not even whole monkeys, but just skeletons! I don't care what these cowards saw, they can't be that bad.

I have assigned the two jewelers to military duty. Now is not the time for luxury. I will not allow them weapons; these two mouth-breathers can learn how to not get hit before I let them near anything sharp.

Speaking of sharp things, I have set the forge to stop making battle axes for our until now non-existant military, and start making barrels, since the poor brewer says that he can't make any booze until we make more. The poor sod! Imagine the piles of food we just have lying around, and no way of turning it into anything worthwhile.

Finally, I have cancelled all projected mining, and focused all our energies on diverting water nearer to our hole. If we must drink fish piss, at least it'll be cold and running.

__9th Granite__

I am aghast. I am at a loss for words. What kind of beardless, soft-headed skygazer would //sell all of our picks?//

@@color:red;I did not sell off all our picks! Technically, since I never managed to trade, I have away some picks. But I checked the save file and Jakob - one of our better miners - still has his pick!@@

How am I supposed to dig without picks? Nobody does any work, they are so thirsty. They saunter moodily down to the river, and then get spooked by the zombie muskoxen. Nobody told me about zombie muskoxen! No wonder these poor sods are dropping like flies. Those things must mass at least five dwarfweight.

Bradley has been stricken with melancholy. I can't say that I blame him, I'm starting to follow suit, and I've only been here 9 days. But that doesn't excuse him// slacking off work!//

__17th Granite__

@@color:green;Oh noes! I is dead of thirst! Now I has new Lindsay.@@

An elven caravan! Who would have thought I'd ever feel gratitude on seeing those pointy-eared leaf-lickers. Now, if I can just get some of these weapons to the depot, I can see if they have any booze!

__18th Granite__

Oh woe! A kidnapper has made of with child Urist Asizshorast! Was it the skeletal macaques? I just don't know!

__22nd Granite__

So, our beloved mayor is recuperating and unconscious. The rest of us were left to play 'guess the weight of the trade item'. Damn elves. If things aren't too heavy for their little wagon, then we're not offering them enough in exchange for their precious, precious alcohol. I can't really blame them, we do have that crazed, stone cold sober look about us.

Oh dear gods. Why would any mother take their child into battle?

__27th Granite__

Another child taken. Only a month, and already I just can't find it in myself to care. One of the fisherdwarves is babbling senselessly. Maybe it was the child's parent.

__1st Felsite__

Two of the insane dwarves have dies of thirst and starvation. I can't really feel sad about it, one of them had started doing a strip-tease in the barracks. Thankfully the baby is still unconscious, and all the other children have been kidnapped. The mantle of 'Bradley' has passed on to another.

__7th Felsite__

More migrants! Our hole now boasts 44 dwarves; now we're cooking with magma! We have fully one in ten dwarves now in the military. Except for the 0.4 worth of dwarves.

__8th Felsite__

I have formed up a squad for the trained wrestler, and drafted all the peasants into a new squad. Maybe I'll let them back into civilian life later, but now we need to destroy the enemies that plague us. Huzzah for the Rough Apes and the Ponderous Corridors!

__6th Malachite__

Everyone has finally agreed that it's no use having a mayor that spends all his time lying on his back, so we've elected Matthew as the new mayor instead. She, along with Bradley, the recently arrived Dungeon Master, are whining about better quarters. Well, I'll need to expand anyway, what with a second wave of migrants bringing up the complement to 51.

Our mayor has banned the export of battle axes. I will not comment on the stupidity of banning the export of what was apparently going to be the main trade good, except to say that I suspect there will be some words when Craig wakes up. 

Still, I wasn't intending to sell many of them anyway, they'll come in handy arming up the military, one of whom became an elite wrestler recently.

__28th Malachite__

Reg Babindok has become a legendary champion! Hail Reg Babindok!
Now that we have someone competant in charge, it's time for the great pogrom. Let this day be carved on fortress walls hereafter!

__3rd Galena__

Hail baby Ezum Monomzar, you lived a bloody and pain filled life! Let us hope that your mother never bears another child to suffer as you have done.

Mighty Armok, those zombie horses are tough.

__19th Moonstone__

Things have been working out rather well lately. The undead horses and elk still show up in gangs, but that just lets the military get some experience.

These mythical 'humans' that I have been told so much about never turned up. Everyone was all "Lindsay, just you wait! The humans will turn up with booze and gold and battleaxes, and they'll be willing to give it all away for a rusty nail and a dead cow!", but of course,we can't expect help from anyone but ourselves.

And the dwarf hamlet Liaison, of course. Everyone was so damned lazy that I had to close the drawbridge to prevent the dwarf merchants from leaving, but we still got and excellent deal in booze, food, wood, bags and more bags. maybe my successor can start a decent glass making industry now.

There's a waiting list for coffins. As soon as they're placed, they're taken. It's been two seasons since little Ezum died, and yet he has not yet found his final resting place.

__25th Moonstone__

I've sent the soldiers out to kill some more. They are absolutely fucking metal. It doesn't matter how many of those creature skulk into our territory, they just keep going into martial trances attacking them with their own infants.

Tholtig Sulusasob, who had withdrawn from society, has begun a mysterious construction. It had better be something truly spectacular, since I just caught him sneaking several platinum bars into his forge, the sneaky no-beard.

__2nd Opal__

Behold Lisattangath, the platinum right gauntlet!

__28th Obsidian__

@@color:green;So that's my year over, hopefully some time this year the water for the well will actually reach there. Welcome and good luck to my successor. I head off now to pastures new and less undead infested.@@

@@Next, see what BigMike could do to the Fortress! [[Read on|204 - Year of Masterpieces]].@@
The end of our third year, in pictorial form.

The grand map of our area: note the mud (not blood) trail where the poor dwarves have walked to and from the river for water!


A close up on the entrance: @@color:green;to the top right of the red indoor depot you can find the colour-coded levers that raise the two drawbridges (it totally didn't look like a tongue when I was building it). The red drawbridge, along with the stairway to the upper level, is the only access to the entrance area. To the right of the levers, at the bottom of the dead-end passageway, is the hole that will become a well when the water turns up.@@


Storage and water supply: No more walking to the river when this fills up! (it's been filling since Summer!)


A close up of the mechanisms in place on this level: @@color:green;The channel to the right will be the water supply, which will create a moat on the left. The stairs at the top of this channel mark where the well will be. To the right is a space that can be flooded (the lever to activate the floodgate just to the North). When flooded, it will drain to the lower chamber, leaving mud in which, hopefully, tower-caps can grow (Yay! Tree-farm).@@


The living area, expanded and extended with nobles' rooms (NOOO my beautiful fractals!): @@color:green;The isolated space at the bottom is the drainage area for the tower-cap farm //it will just sit here!// There is no drainage from here, but I have put in a floodgate and attached lever so you can do with that as you please.@@

[img[Living Area|http://www.chaomancer.net/DwarfFortress/Images203/Living%20Area.gif]]

The magma workshops and associated mines:

[img[Magma Workshops|http://www.chaomancer.net/DwarfFortress/Images203/Workshops%20and%20Mines.gif]]

And the magma channels below the workshops:

[img[Magma Channels|http://www.chaomancer.net/DwarfFortress/Images203/Magma%20Channels.gif]]
__1st Granite, 204.__

The Village Manager and Horde Master is now known as "BigMike", despite being female.  All records of her original name are lost.

There was much beard-waggling over my previous record.  Apparently some feel that losing the same fortress twice to subsequent invasions - one by goblins and one by demons - might cast a bit of a shadow over my achievements.

New living quarters laid out, on 4 levels.  Homelessness shall never be a problem!

Also, let's expand the fortifications a little.

'April' Litastsibrek is churning out masterpieces!

__3 Granite, 204.__

Set an area near the trade depot for stockpiles to keep finished goods.

__9 Granite, 204.__

Elves!  Elves with their wagons.  Time to gather all my stone crafts, and hide the woodwork.  Strange pointy-eared types.

Thikut Alathzaled is a dedicated parent.  She actually stopped drinking to go find her child.

__12 Granite, 204.__

Haul goods, hauly haul.

...they made a drum out of chalk?  Huh.

Actually, forget that.  A chalk trumpet.  The ingenuity of the Dwarves knows no bounds.

Haul, my minions, haul!

__13 Granite, 204.__

Pah.  The Elves only have wooden logs and cloth.  Pff.  I wouldn't give a chalk trumpet for the lot.

Can't remember if they freak out over leather.  Stupid pointy-eard gits.

Bought all their wood (quite frankly, axes have better things to do than chop wood) and cloth bins.  Offloaded some random clothes and rock trinkets.  

__15 Granite, 204.__

Fortifications procede apace - building a second level.

__17 Granite, 204.__

Thief!  But he seems to leave quite quickly.  Put a watchdog by the entrance.

__24 Granite, 204.__

Wardogs!  Oh, yes.

__25th Granite, 204.__

Monom Rigothluk goes a little strange...  Why does that happen all the time?  Is somebody putting strange mushrooms in the beer?

__1st Slate, 204.__

Reports from outside about more of these skeletal elks.  

__4th Slate, 204.__

Starting to fill up my stockpiles near the trade depot.

__5th Slate, 204.__

Monon seems to have found all the things he wants, and has started his Great Work.  Can't wait to see what he comes up with.

__7th Slate, 204.__

Oops.  Just realised I should let my trader go, seeing as I did all the trading I wanted last month...

__9th Slate, 204.__

My hunter has been killed!

Monom Rigothluk reports to me that he has finished his master work, his opus, the artifact that will forever define him in history.  He has created Gonggashthad Istikvudnis, a Rope reed sock!

A sock.  Nice.

He tries to point out the platinum and emeralds, but I can't help think the spikes of Rope reed and groundhog leather might make it uncomfortable.  And there is only the one.  Truly, an *odd* sock.

__12th Slate, 204.__

Bye, Elves.

__14th Slate, 204.__

Ooh, migrants.  New blood!

__20th Slate, 204.__

We need a Captain of the Guard.  You'll do.  Unib Erushgikut, from peasant to noble.  Never say I'm not a champion of social mobility.  Of course, he immediately tells me how he *needs* a big office with all the trimmings, just like those born to high office...

__24th Slate, 204.__

The viaduct from the river doesn't seem to be filling up terribly quickly for some reason.  So I'm going to build up a tower around the pond my Dwarves are already using.

__26th Slate, 204.__

More carpener's workshops required.  Why can't Dwarves learn to sleep on stone?  Apart from when they're dead, that is.

__11th Felsite, 204.__

The guard dog has been found unconscious.  Strange.

__15th Felsite, 204.__

One of my recruits has suffocated?  How'd he manage that?!

__12 Hematite, 204.__

Ah, crap.  We're being invaded!  I feel much better about walling off my water source.

__19th Hematite, 204.__

Wow.  The Goblins met Lor Olinbekar Raletest Ikud, Champion.  End one siege.  Goblin bone arm-bands for all!

__25th Hematite, 204.__

Finally got around to ousting Matthew from the Mayor's office, as he lost the election some while back.

__5th Malachite, 204.__

Apparently, nobody wants to come to my fortress.  I feel so rejected!  Possibly because there is, to my horror *no* drink!  Balin's Beard...

__24th Malachite, 204.__

Another strange mood - a stonecrafter this time.  Meanwhile, Monom Rigothluk is really churning out the masterpieces.

__5th Galena, 204.__

Nish Misezum has created a Magnetite bracelet that he calls Ushiliddor Mis Lozlok - "Icelark the Haze of Dividing".  Whatever causes Dwarves to go loopy evidently doesn't do any favours for their choice of names.  He has chosen to comemorate the shooting of the Elf Rofa Thornvoiced by the Human Ama Trancefaint in the year 97, as well as the founding of the fortress of Postorgans in 201.  I'm not sure I see the connection between these two events...

__10th Limestone, 204.__

A caravan from Rakust Ushul has turned up.  Hopefully, I can get rid of some of the detritus that's littering the fortress coridoors...

__14th Limestone, 204.__

The merchants appear to be having zombie muskox problems.  One of their macedwarves has gone into a martial trance; he's a bit surrounded, so I hope it helps!

...ah.  Not so much.

__17th Limestone, 204.__

Mmmm, gems and metal bars.  Enough to warm the cockles of my Dwarvish heart.  Assuming Dwarvish hearts have cockles.  Must ask a healer.  Oooh, booze and a large variety of meat!  I'll have one of everything.  You can have these bins of random clothes and stone piccolos.  Okay, okay, I'll throw in a couple of platinum goblets.  You drive a hard bargain.

__24th Limestone, 204.__

Those zombie muskoxes are annoying me.  Send in the champions!

__9th Sandstone, 204.__

The stockpile behind the butcher's is working nicely - double doors keeping the pongs confined.

Next level of my building complex now being furnished.

__20th Sandstone, 204.__

Furniture moved into the apartments.  Declare them ready for occupation with nice ceremony, during which I cut a ribbon with an axe.

__1st Timber, 204.__

Migrants!  Let's hope there's someone useful in there...

__2nd Timber, 204.__

Finally!  I have the bits to make my experimental pump.  The brook doesn't seem powerful enough to send water all the way to the cistern that's been built, so we may have to give it a helping hand.

__5th Timber, 204.__

With all the new arrivals counted, we appear to be up to 87 Dwarves.  Excellent.

__6th Timber, 204.__

More zombie muskoxes!  And interfering with my pump!

__14th Timber, 204.__

Each time someone goes to construct the building, zombie muskoxen.  They know of my plans, and want to thwart me!

__15th Timber, 204.__

The mayor wants me to make something gold.  Uh, okay.

Made some coffins for the dwarves currently rotting outside in the graveyard.  Shameful.

__20th Timber, 204.__

Right.  Muskoxen slain... again.  Whatever.  Bloody zombies.  Anyway, I've set some blokes to patrol the area they seem to like, so hopefully my architect will be able to get to the pump site...

Starting construction of a guard tower near the ponds and brook my Dwarves seem to like fishing and drinking at.  And my precious, precious pump.

__25th Timber, 204.__

There, one gold earring made.  Happy now?

__26th Timber, 204.__

Ah, someone's bringing the enormous corkscrew to the... hey!  Come back here!  I don't care how hungry you are!  You've got a job to finish!  And don't just leave the thing lying around!

No pride in their craft, these Dwarves.  Always thinking with their stomachs!

__27th Timber, 204.__

More mandates... what, scepters?  *sigh*  If you must...

__3rd Moonstone, 204.__

He's finally back from his lunch break.

__13th Moonstone, 204.__

My pump now looks like two black barrels on a white background instead of two white barrels on a black background.  Does this mean it's done?  Excellent!  Let's pump, and see what happens!

__16th Moonstone, 204.__

Okay, that was messy, but amusing.  I think we need some walls and stuff...

__27th Moonstone, 204.__

Test #2 - will my walls contain the water?

__2nd Opal__

Yep, it works.  Now I just need to hook it all up to something...

__22nd Opal__

Gah.  Another Dwarf goes loopy, taking a jeweller's workshop this time.  Hopefully we get something pretty this time...

...what's he want?  Rough gems?  Any hint as to what *type*?  No?  *sigh*...  There's exactly one gem I can see, maybe that will do... Okay, so far so good!  And that's done the job!  Phew.  Thought I was going to have to deal with a crazy jeweller...

Meanwhile, a skeletal rhesus macaque has stolen a giant cave spider silk sock.  Quite frankly, he's welcome to it.

__27th Opal, 204.__ 

No drink?!  Emergency!!

__3rd Obsidian, 204.__

Meng Dumatbab has made a perfect variscite, and called it "Dangerdearth".  It's pretty... so... pretty...


__17th Obsidian, 204.__

Okay, I've made a channel of walls, leading to the channel connected to the cistern.  Let's fire this up.

__23rd Obsidian, 204.__

Ordered the new coffins fitted in the group tomb.  Might be ready by the time I hand over the reins, might not.  

The pump experiment was a limited success.  I didn't manage to get the flow any further down the aqueduct than the brook, but that was with only two pumpers, one of whom got knackered half-way through.  As they get fitter, it might work better.  Early days, early days.

Putting a bed in the tower, so tired pump operators don't have to traipse all the way back to the main fortress for a nap.  Might kit it out with some food, too.  A little home from home.

__27th Obsidian, 204.__

What does the mayor want now?  A silver armor stand?  In her Dining room?  Well, aren't we precious?

Right, year's end.  88 Dwarves, more than I started with, some new fortifications, a pleasant walled-in drinking area, and a start on getting some water pumping going.  And hardly any invasions!  I think I'm on a roll!  I wonder what my next assignment will be...
As 204 draws to a close, this is the situation:

The entrance area is not much changed, but note for the addition of the pump station at the river.


The living area is expanded, and my fractal pattern now lies in ruins.

[img[Living Area|http://www.chaomancer.net/DwarfFortress/Images204/LivingArea205.jpg]]

And here are three views of the surface, in stunning 3d.


[img[Pump Works|http://www.chaomancer.net/DwarfFortress/Images204/ScreenShot4.png]]

Sent to the world of [[Scunner's Reach]], the cell has been instructed to convey Inquisitor Dorn's blessing and prayers for the soul of Brother Thadeus, a Space Marine who died on detached duty far from his Chapter, the Iron Hands. The Marine is lying in state, awaiting transport to his brothers, at the [[Shrine of St. Sabith]].
The [[Inquisitor Intios Dorn]] of the Most Holy Ordo Malleus commands his teams of acolytes from his private space station, sending them about his work about the [[Calixis Sector]] of the Imperium of Man. One team, newly assembled, has just begun it's work for him. They are:

[[Tarmis Kalmath]], a ~Tech-Priest of the Adeptus Mechanicus who considers all flesh to be inferior to the Machine;
[[Aurelia Trantia Flavian]], a noble's by-blow who's served her House in the criminal underworld of the Empire;
[[Tycho 'Trauma' Erasmus Castor]], psyker born on an ancient space-station;
[[Hack Mercurio]], a scholarly and somewhat OCD adept;
and they have just been joined by the hive-world assassin, [[Tyus Zuriel]].

In the course of their service to the Imperium, the Inquisition, and Dorn, they will find themselves on many dangerous [[Missions]]. Assuming they survive their first, of course.

I will be keeping track of the games by means of a [[journal]], assuming I can keep it up.
Sent to the crippled ship [[St Charrel's Victory|The St Charrel's Victory]], to investigate where the books are going.
Assassin for the Claudian Family, instructed to kill Aurelia.
The most social of the acolytes, Aurelia is the illegitimate child of a hove-spire noble house, one with great connections to trade throughout the Sector. She has served the House as a connection to less-than-legal dealings with the underworld, and has in return been well looked-after by them.

Now, chosen to serve an Inquisitor without even the time to go home and pick up her equipment, she finds herself serving alongside others equally quickly pressed into the service of the Imperium.

Quote text is @@color:green;green@@.

Has used a number of [[pseudonyms|Aurelia's Pseudonyms]].

Noble origin, Scum (Dreg), played by Lindsay.

@@color:green;"I like to know the name of the person I'm burgling."@@
Apollonia Cortez: an agent for a discerning buyer of historical texts, currently in use on [[Vayas]].

Strichnia: Chaos cultist

Tesla Sebastopol: Merchant Princess, in use on [[The St Charrel's Victory]]
Jemfyre Darkraven: well-to-do citizen, visiting her officer sweetheart.
Saphardi Lasborn: a born again mechnicus lat member.

Fulminata Hiawatha-Brasil: minor noble lady.
An old man, perhaps as old as his master the [[Inquisitor Intios Dorn]], Taraguin is perhaps the most important of the long term guests on [[Fleeting Eternity]], as he is the only Astropath and thus the only connection to the rest of the Imperium available. He devotes his time to quiet meditation for the most part, keen to be alert when needed - a signal can come at any time, and given the sensitive nature of his master's work, the slightest detail might be vital.
Player of the [[fourth|204 - Year of Masterpieces]] [[Postorgans|Postorgans - Saga of a Dwarf Fortress]] turn, who started the construction of the pumpworks.
Arrived on the [[Furious Vengeance]], commanding a squad of Iron Hands Marines to report to the Lord Sector and to learn what exactly happened to his [[Brother, Thadeus|A Hero's Funeral]].

Has since assisted the PCs in their arrest of a group of Heretics.
An icy world, colonised only 200 years ago, with three settlements. Two, [[Landfall]] and [[Pontus I]], are at the equator where the temperatures are merely freezing. The last, [[Kincaid]], is at the North pole, closer to the xenos settlements remaining on the planet. The xenos have been driven back, and are few in number: they do not appear to be any threat, and the intention is to simply continue to expand the colonies until they are gone.

The world is nominally under the command of [[Governor Luntrov]], but given the difficulties of travel and even communication, the governor's powers are limited beyond [[Landfall]]. It is very much a frontier world, hoping that of the many interesting plants that grow beneath the snow and ice, some will be valuable enough to make the colony rich. Already one plant, [[merlew]], has begun to interest the Imperial Guard as a stimulant.
Places in the Calixis Sector:

[[Scunner's Reach]], and aquatic agriworld.
[[Fleeting Eternity]], a space station hanging over a neutron star, and the base of [[Inquisitor Intios Dorn]].

Me. The owner of the site, the GM of the games mentioned here, and the player of the [[first turn|201 - the Founding of Postorgans]] of [[Postorgans|Postorgans - Saga of a Dwarf Fortress]]
The cell has gone to the iceworld of [[Caldus V]] to delve into the mysteries that are concealed there. The mysterious xenos population of the planet has apparently generated a Slaaneshi cult that gets use from the strange, drug-like properties of their blood, and that cult is somehow connected to the string of Chaos incidents that the group has been investigating.

Accompanying them on the trip there is [[Inquisitor Valdemeer]], of Ordo Xenos, who is returning the captive xenos who have been liberated from the Slaaneshi to their homeworld to investigate them. All travelled aboard the [[Glorious Triumph of Trade]], a Chartist ship that visits Caldus V every three years.
A group of apparently altered or mutated humans, whose blood runs cold enough to boil at room temperature. They are involved in some manner of sensual cult based on the drinking of the blood of a Xenos species; they also displayed some disturbing powers of their own.

The cult had summoned a demon of some kind on their spacecraft in orbit around Scintilla; it was banished by the PCs, mostly through violence.
Colonel of the CXXXIII Gunners Imperial Guard Regiment, aboard [[The St Charrel's Victory]]. So far unmet and unknown.

Cpt Maxwell Pericles is one of his subordinate officers, and [[Tellgarath Rudrens|Commissar Tellgarath Rudrens]] is the regimental Commissar.

Commissar of the CXXXIII Gunners Imperial Guard Regiment, incensed at the unexpected arrival of [[another Commissar|Tyus Zuriel]] without his being previously informed.
The leader of [[Squad 17]].

Spirit, Skinrider, ex-cop.
[[Welcome to the Chaos]]
Delivered mail sorting Servitor.
Inducting people into a cult.
Type the text for 'Ezekiel Brin'
An elderly fanatic, tending the [[Shrine of St Sabith]] on [[Lazurnyy]]. Friend to [[Tycho|Tycho 'Trauma' Erasmus Castor]], and notable for his attachment to, and use of, a chainsword. Last seen leading a holy riot in pursuit of a heretical cult.
The baroque space station of [[Inquisitor Intios Dorn]] hangs above a neutron star, supported by strange forces only a ~Tech-Priest could understand. Whatever it's original purpose was, it's huge bulk is these days mostly empty. The Inquisitor uses it's space to store the many projects he has begun, and to house his minions. Each of his acolytes has spacious and luxurious quarters here, though few spend much time in them. 
A dealer in most curious materials, many of a xenos origin and others suspiciously heretical.

A contact of [[Lady Imelda Halbeman]], and through her further suspicious individuals. He was the route through which [[Lady Tatiana Taladov]] met Imelda

Ha has now been rescued from his old 'allies' and recruited by the party to work for the Inquisition; in exchange he has told them all he knows of the heretics he had dealings with - or at least started to, as he knew quite a lot.
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A creaky, broken-down cargo hauler, in very poor condition. Mostly carries rice. Has a route that passes [[Caldus V]] every three years.

[[Captain Lordstrom]]
[[1st Officer Zeiss]]
[[Navigator Bella]]
Played by Alec

__Notable Quotes__

"I only know the expressions I read about in books"

"I fear that some of these people have never seen a reference number in their lives!" //on the underclasses.//

"My lady, please stop stabbing me there - That's not a vital organ!" //on being 'mugged' by [[Aurelia|Aurelia Trantia Flavian]].//

"Forms! We are being rewarded for our good deeds!" //on the paperwork the party had to fill out after a fire-fight.//

"Sieve out the broken glass? I feel like a noble already." // as he was offered a drink from a regrettably broken bottle.//

"If I had a secret cult, my lady, I would endeavour to keep it more secret. Also, less evil."

"Erasmus, wait five minutes and follow us."
"Five minutes?! The Emperor's work does not wait!" //[[Father Erasmus]], a fanatical NPC//
"... Three and a half?"

"There may or may not have been 9 books in that room, and my comrades may or may not have set fire to them. There may or may not have been a demon, and there may or may not be another one appearing now. Delete as appropriate, but i think you can guess which applies" 

"In the past 24 hours I have been shot at, stabbed, poisoned, electrocuted, made to sit through a boring trial, magnetised, ingested alien blood, seduced by a heretic, made to parade around half-naked in front of my peers, and chased through the sewers by a guy with a flame-thrower."

"In the past 48 hours..."

"The boxes come in three sizes - small, medium, and very medium.
"The machines aren't big enough for 'large'" 

Alias: Sub-Altern Tyrantius Cribbins
Senator Ambrose Donovan's daughter, Mary, is in trouble. trouble with drugs, and ghosts.
An old man and veteran of the Inquistion, Dorn has long been a well-regarded Puritan. However, over time, he has become less dogmatic about things, though the high esteem of his colleagues remains. These days, he spends most of his time on his home, the space station [[Fleeting Eternity]], tending to the many strange projects he has acquired over the long decades of his life. This luxurious base is also home to his immediate assistants, including [[Beloc Taraguin]], his personal Astropath.

He keeps much hidden from his acolytes, to the extent that the newest cell he has recruited can't be sure whether he has other agents out in the Imperium or not. This may be a sound policy, or a sign of growing eccentricity; who can tell? He may even simply have forgotten to brief them - he has much on his mind these days, and has a tendency to overlook details that others might find important in his drive to achieve his goals. 

Hopefully, that will not stop them from completing the [[Missions]] he sends them on.

Captain of [[The St Charrel's Victory]], and son of the line of Captains stretching back to the War of Brass.
Played by Chris
A younger member of the Haldeman family, and an organiser of somewhat scandalous parties. 

These turned out to involve the abuse of Xenos of unknown origin, as their blood has narcotic properties - though Imelda was relatively uninvolved in this practice, she had partaken of it. In the course of the investigation into this Heresy, she and her companions were arrested and purged, and their contacts with a [[strange group|Coldhearts]] from which these Xenos were obtained with them. Their precise fate is currently unknown.
Running the House Taladov estate while her brother is indisposed, and ensuring he is not disturbed while he 'rests'. 

Invited [[Aurelia|Aurelia Trantia Flavian]], and thereby the rest of the PCs, to stay with the household, with predictably climactic results.

It was revealed that she was behind the conspiracy and cultists on [[Lazurnyy]], and actively consorted with demons. She was last seen on that planet being pulled into the Warp by demonic arms, though whether this was a rescue or a punishment for her failure is as yet unrevealed.

@@color:green;"Very disappointing, but she was always a model of decorum" //[[Aurelia|Aurelia Trantia Flavian]]//@@

She has since reappeared on Scintilla, in charge of a coalition of organisations in rebellion against the righteous authority of the Lord Sector. She is backed by her [[special friends]], several gangs, some HereTeks, assorted mutants - and, as of vox reports, a Titan!
The capital of [[Caldus V]], and largest settlement. A large part of the population are penal colonists, sent to build up the colony in the harsh and frozen conditions. The settlement's dominance of the local area is now sufficient to allow the natives to trade and to work for the human colonists.

The settlement is ruled by [[Governor Luntrov]], and is the seat of the Adeptus Arbites (run by [[Judge Montfort]]) and the Eclesiarchy. It is dominated by the half-finished cathedral, which will tower over the lesser buildings of the city. Of course, one reason for this is that the buildings mostly tunnel into the ground rather than building upwards.

The cell has established themselves as a group of criminals who have recently arrived, and may be looking for work. In this guise they have encountered two criminal organisations: the [[Red Hand Gang]] and the [[New Firm]].
The capital city-ship of [[Scunner's Reach]], a gigantic floating contraption holding 14 million souls. It is governed by High Captain Markus Korsaveny (also ~Lord-Executive of Westrybflot and Governor of Scunner's Reach). It is divided into the higher decks (the Light Corridors) where the sun may be seen through port holes and skylights, and the lower ones where the sun is never seen, the guards never go, and the citizens of low berth are left to fend for themselves.

__Notable locations and facts:__

The planet's spaceport is on the top deck, and beside it the [[Shrine of St. Sabith]].

Here one may find the boarding house [[Pilgrim's Rest]].

The Dark Corridors - that is the lower decks of scum who do the hard labour of the ship away from the light and air. Contains such gangs as the [[Steel Sharks]], who's tattoos were found on the one attacker killed at the [[Shrine of St. Sabith]]. Also, the Drunk Shark (a dubious bar).

It is plagued by the [[Dark Corridor Reaper]].
Player of [[Aurelia Trantia Flavian]] in Dark Heresy, and mastermind behind the [[Postorgans|Postorgans - Saga of a Dwarf Fortress]] Dwarf Fortress game, in which she played the [[third year|203 - "What kind of beardless, soft-headed skygazer would *sell all of our picks*?"]].

Commentary from her is coloured @@color:green;green@@.
Driver of [[Sir Meagar|Sir Meagar Taladov]], and at the least loyal enough to follow him into a burning building, armed with a pair of pistols. She was saved by [[Hack Mercurio]] from falling to a flaming death, and has made an effort at cultivating his friendship. Apparently ignorant of any wrongdoing by her employer, she helped the Inquisitorial agents finish the matters on [[Lazurnyy]].

She is a very good pilot of aircars, and has earned the respect of [[Tarmis Kalmath]] by looking her equipment well.

Now accompanying the PCs as the Pilot of their ship, in the employ of [[Hack Mercurio]].
[[My Blog|http://www.chaomancer.net/blog/]]

[[A Series of Hazardous Inquiries]]

[[No Respect for the Dead]]

[[Postorgans - Saga of a Dwarf Fortress]]
The player of the [[second turn|202 - Undead Monkeys at the Watering Hole]] of [[Postorgans|Postorgans - Saga of a Dwarf Fortress]], who began the construction of the Red Tower.

Also the player of [[Nguyen Cradle]] in my [[Orpheus|No Respect for the Dead]] campaign.

Comment text is @@color:red;red@@.
#[[A Hero's Funeral]]
#[[A Copy of the Truth is not the Truth]]
#[[An Expedition to Nowhere]]
#[[Reports and other Falsehoods]]
#[[Colder Passions]]
Skimmer, Banshee, ex-cop.
The adventures of [[Team Undefined]].

# [[On the Wheel]]
# [[High on Life]]
Investigate/Fumigate the Akwsesasne Mohawk Casino in Delaware.

Hired by Lawrence Ransom, tribal elder, the Orpheus brief is to find end the haunting of the hotel and put the ghosts responsible to rest. He is worried that the casino manager, Michael Sixdeer, will do something drastic to resolve the matter.

So far, no one has been hurt, but the haunting has been violent and energetic. The nature of the spirits haunting the place is unknown, and Mr Ransom would like this investigated.

A boarding house in [[Lazurnyy]], used by [[Sir Meagar Taladov]] to house wealthy pilgrims travelling to the [[Shrine of St. Sabith]].

Other guests present are the merchant [[Jurgen Tolamun]], a representative of the Guild of Seven Brothers, and his children [[Hildegarde]] and [[Gunter]], plus their servants, and a [[Mysterious Man]] who spends his time in pious concentration.
This is my archive of our attempts at a [[Dwarf Fortress|http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/]] succession game, as propossed by Lindsay, [[here|http://www.dusa.dundee.ac.uk/durps/BB/viewtopic.php?t=1785]]. We are using the [[Mayday graphics set|http://mayday.w.staszic.waw.pl/df.php]], to help us understand what on earth is going on!

[[Year 201|201 - the Founding of Postorgans]] was first, and mine. Read about it if you like, and download the [[saved game|http://www.chaomancer.net/DwarfFortress/Save%20Games/Postorgans%20201.zip]] to continue where I left off. Next up is Matthew, let's hope he doesn't have too much [[fun|http://dwarf.lendemaindeveille.com/index.php/Fun]]! I took a few [[pictures|201 Pictures]] of the end of the year, too, if you want a look. I named six of the original dwarves after the players, but did so without looking, so we ended up with a random mix.

[[Year 202|202 - Undead Monkeys at the Watering Hole]] was second, under Matthew's guidance. It does seem to have involved some Fun, after all, but not too much to bear. Have a read, and download the [[saved game|http://www.chaomancer.net/DwarfFortress/Save%20Games/Postorgans%20202.zip]] to continue where he left off if you like. I've taken a few more [[pictures|202 Pictures]] of the end of his turn, so that the expansion of our Fortress can be tracked.

[[Year 203|203 - "What kind of beardless, soft-headed skygazer would *sell all of our picks*?"]] was third, with Lindsay recovering the Fortress from the earlier Fun. It seems to have been a little worse than we thought. The saved game can be [[downloaded here|http://www.chaomancer.net/DwarfFortress/Save%20Games/Postorgans%20203.zip]], and there are [[more pictures|203 Pictures]] to track the noble work. This time with Useful Commentary by Lindsay, on the mechanisms she has installed!

[[Year 204|204 - Year of Masterpieces]] came next, under the guidance of BigMike. We were a little apprehensive, given that his previous qualifications for the post included having lost the same Fortress twice in one year, but all seemed to go well. You can get the [[save here|http://www.chaomancer.net/DwarfFortress/Save%20Games/Postorgans204.zip]] if you want to see what he's been up to, and he took the step of introducing 3d pictures! See them, and some other pictures, [[here|204 Pictures]].
Member of [[Squad 17]], a decorated Marksman.
Summoned back to Scintilla, where the Lord Sector [[Marius Hax]] wishes to be briefed on the conspiracy that appears to have spread through is domain.

There they have met: Witch-hunter [[Ezekiel Brin]] and his cohort of Ordo Hereticus minions. 

[[Brother-Sergeant Fulvius]] of the Iron Hands.

[[Galbert]], a dealer in technology from ... unorthodox sources.

[[Lady Imelda Halbeman]], a party organiser with questionable friends.

And reintroducing [[Lady Tatiana Taladov]], who has taken this moment to arrange an uprising against the GOvernor. The PCs have infiltrated her heretical band, and been entrusted with a mission to use the distraction of the uprising to steal from the [[Tricorn Palace]] - which opportunity they intend to use to trap the cultists.

However, the 'distraction' does involve mass destruction, the apparent infiltration of the local Cultus Mechanicus, and a Titan - organising a double-cross under these circumstances may not be easy!
Spirit, Wisp, Ex porn star. 
An agricultural world, consisting largely of oceans plied by huge factory ships and their tenders. The largest ships are like floating cities, and the capital, [[Lazurnyy]], is literally that, with a population of 14 million souls aboard. It is also the site of the world's only spaceport, through which the planet's catch is sent out to feed the Imperium.

The [[Shrine of St. Sabith]] stands proudly by the spaceport, commemorating the saint's miraculous turning back of a storm that threatened to destroy a landing craft delivering Iron Hands marines to put down a civil war a thousand years ago.

The planet is ruled by the hereditary owners of the factory ships, essentially nobility descended from the companies that commercialised shipping in the early days of it's inhabitation. As the Calixis Sector has grown, so too have demands for food, leaving the dwellers on the few islands of the planet with less and less influence. Ever since the intervention of the Iron Hands in the civil war, the titles High Captain of Lazurnyy, ~Lord-Executive of Westrybflot, and Governor of Scunner's Reach have been effectively interchangeable. Today the three titles are held by one Markus Korsaveny.
A shrine to the patron saint of [[Scunner's Reach]], on it's capital city-ship [[Lazurnyy]]. It is in the care of Father Erasmus, an elderly priest. The gigantic statue of St. Sabith outside houses the city's precious weather control device. Cared for by [[Father Erasmus]].

The shrine was chosen as the resting place for the late Brother Thadeus of the Iron Hands, as his body awaits transport home to his chapter.

As such it has become the focus of pilgrims, and [[Sir Meagar Taladov]] (a local nobleman) has made a considerable effort to ease the pilgrims way - arranging places for them to stay, or at least any who look influential.

__Ep 1__: The deck under the shrine exploded, leaving ruins within it, the bier carrying Brother Thadeus' corpse consumed in flames. One man was shot by the acolytes. 
Nobleman of the House Taladov, and one of the prime sponsors of the pilgrimage movement on [[Scunner's Reach]]. One of his distant relatives became a Space Marine, and he maintains a museum in honour of the Iron Hand's service to the Imperium at his estate.

He is presently indisposed due to his injuries at the [[Shrine of St. Sabith]], and recuperating under the care of his physicians - including [[Forensician Timov]], the leading anatomist and surgeon. His household is meanwhile in the care of his sister, [[Lady Tatiana Taladov]].

His driver [[Lucianna]] is apparently willing to follow him into a burning building, and carries a pair of discrete pistols.
A knight from the planet Vayas, a feudal world save for the capital city. He is amazed and awed by the wonders of technology and society.
Roleplaying Games and other Chaos

The Chaos Files
A squad of D Company, CXXXIII Imperial Guard, living in the billet that was to receive the Evil Books.
Chosen on his homeworld for his excellence with all things mechanical, Kalmath was inducted into the Adeptus Mechanicus and the worship of the Omnissiah., his frail flesh augmented and improved. Seconded to the Inquisition's service, he will now have to deal with ordinary humans away from the bastions of mechanical power that the ~Tech-Priests surround themselves with.

Forge World origin, ~Tech-Priest (Technographer), played by Alex.
[[Nguyen Cradle]] played by Matthew.
[[Dan Graves]] played by Craig.
[[Talia]] played by Eilidh.
[[Richard Livingstone]] played by John.

[[Max Deveraux]], 'Old Man' Deveraux, manager.
In Charge of Mechanicus operations on [[The St Charrel's Victory]]
A broken hulk of a military transport from the War of Brass, containing three Titans of the Legio Venator, a detachment of the CXXXIII Gunners Imperial Guard, and an Adeptus Mechanicus Cloister repairing the ship.

Captain-Magister [[Jubal Morgenstern]].
Adepta Titanica [[Magdella Ulveric]], Princeps of [[Sic Semper Rebellius]].
[[Tech-Priest Iliaster]], the head of the Adeptus Mechanicus mission.
[[Colonel Previs Tann]]

Played by Craig

"You may remember me from such psychic holocausts as ... yesterday afternoon!"

"In the words of Chief Technographer Malthus: 'oops.' "

Alias: Atellius Jerichus

Thaddeus Quint - lay Mechanicus member
Played by Adrian, who wrote the following background for Tyus:

Tyus Zuriel was born in sprawling worker-hab sections of the Secundus Hive on Baraspine. Orphaned by the Droth Plague, Zuriel feel in with the gangs of the underhive at a young age as a runner. He was promoted to a Juve of the Novai at twelve years standard actions in a fight against a rival gang’s raid on the Novai’s favoured bar. Zuriel rose steadily in stature within the Novai, earning a fledgling reputation for his swordsmanship as well as certain talent as a sniper. After a run-in with a fellow ganger, whose ambition to run the Novai drove a deep resentment of Zuriel’s rising popularity, Zuriel left the gang. Adapting to life outside the gangs, Zuriel soon found himself in a position of demand. He joined one of the better reputed merc-clans and worked as a hired gun. He endeavoured to make a true name for himself. As time went on his skill and reputation increased. Whispers were heard of Mid-Hive interest and some notable contract-killings within Secundus were unofficially credited to Zuriel. Some speculated on a peculiar pattern to the kills. Interspersed the general gang squabbles and turf wars of the underhive were groups of contracts on a cadre vicious gang leaders known to be involved the darkest side of the underworld. Some even spoke of vile crimes of heresy.  By the time Inquisitor Intios Dorn arrived on Baraspine, Zuriel was coming to the interest of the Noble Houses of Secundus upper echelons and had earned the unofficial pseudonym, Emperor’s Assassin. 

__Danis Zynesk__

It was the death of Danis Zynesk that brought things to a head. The third son of a notable noble, connections to the Lord-Magistratum Office and rumoured associations with major crime syndicates made Zynesk utterly untouchable. To the up-hive society he presented an image of aloof snobbery and condescension that was the hallmark of the nobility. Not so much as a misplace comma befouled his impeccable record. To the underhive, though, his was a name to be feared. In a place where poverty was rife, life was hard and crime and murder a matter of course, Zynesk forge a whispered reputation and a cruel bastard.
Drugs cartels and protection rackets suspected to be run under his direction squeezed the underhive hard. Beatings and murders of those that couldn’t pay became increasing common as his power and confidence grew. Then the raids started. Men professing to be Arbites dressed in non standard uniforms would descend to execute raids, arresting individuals on minor grounds or without apparent reason. Entire hab-blocks would be arrested, loaded into armoured prison transporters and taken in. In the swirling chaos that was the Arbites administry system it was often difficult to trace back the original sanctioning of individual operations, but large raids like this were more obvious. Prisoners did turn up and some formally charged with the rest being released. It took a while before anyone noticed that the reported number of arrested did not match those brought back to detention centres. Internal audits took months and failed to commit to definite conclusions. The inhabitants of the underhive, however, had their own concrete suspicions. Abduction on a massive scale. A few, very quietly, spoke of dark cults and the terror Zynesk.
Eventually, the illegitimate child of a lady in another noble house was taken in an abduction raid. The child’s grandfather, while unable to formally and publicly acknowledge his descendent, was, nevertheless, devoted to his daughter. Unable to prove anything and fearing the fall-out for his family of any public accusations, he made contact with Zuriel through deeply trusted proxies to offer the Emperor’s Assassin a contract. Zynesk was dead in four days, but the high profile of Zynesk saw Zuriel captured.
Shortly before the formality of his trial and scheduled execution, Zuriel was met in his cell by Inquisitor Dorn himself. A flash of an Inquisitorial Rosette and Zuriel was transferred to the inquisitor’s possession, citing the need for the accused to face charges of heresy by the Inquisition. A week later a man was executed under the name of Tyus Zuriel on Scintilla, and the Emperor’s Assassin entered employment as an acolyte of the Inquisition.

Alias: Kommisar Thoneus Kinsk
The scribal world, and site of the Sandrine Locus.

[[Sir Rudrik von Maximoff]]
Hi! This is my site, with stuff for several games, and maybe other stuff. Choose what you're interested in from the menu on the left to open it up!